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My name is Ramzi Faraj (NMLS #162269). I want to thank you for taking the time to visit my website, where I guarantee you'll find plenty of helpful information to assist you in purchasing your new home or refinancing your current mortgage. I am a Mortgage Consultant specializing in serving the state of Michigan. Feel free to call me anytime at 248-613-9044.

If you're planning to buy your next home, your first home, that dream home, a condo, vacation home, investment property or looking to refinance in Michigan or the surrounding areas, you will find that this site is a complete resource full of insider secrets that will allow you to choose the loan program best suited to your financial needs.

I make it fast and easy for all kinds of people-including first-time homebuyers, small business owners, and homebuyers with perfect or less-than-perfect credit to get the loan you need for the home you want.

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I did not think this was going to happen.  I am still amazed that we are in this house.  Against all odds you got the job done. Thanks Ramzi!  

-Cathy L.

Ramzi gave us the counseling on what we need to do to improve our credit.  We did it and two months later when Ramzi pulled our credit the scores had gone up and our loan was approved!  

- Danielle & Matthew B.

I went to my own bank that I was doing business with for the past 16 years and they told me there was no way they would work with me on the mortgage. So I waited a year and they gave me the same response. I contacted Ramzi and what a difference! Ramzi and his assistant Dee were extremely approachable, professional, a wealth of knowledge, very diligent, forthright, and encouraging.  I could not believe I lost over a year because my bank would not work with me.

-Sonya C.

The way the process startedif you were not as committed to what you do there is no way we are in the house. We found the house Saturdayat 5pm and got approved by 8pm that night. We were one of three offers and we got the home. We would have lost our dream house if you guys had not dropped everything on a Saturday night to help us.   

-Alyssa & Louis A.

First time homebuyer could not have been with a better company made life easy, did my legwork, made me understand what I was getting into to. I spent tons of time on the phone with you at night and you made it very simple. The time of day was very important as well I spoke to Ramzi at 10 or 11 at night. If I was a bank at 4:00 I would be out of luck. You u were always responsive and returned calls. I would refer you guys and I tell everyone I know a really good mortgage guy!  

- Rashid K.

You sent us a great address stampers. We love it Dave hates writing return addresses.   We just love it. You are really good about not saying talk to your realtor you deal with directly with him so I do not have to be the middleman. You take what ever you can off of our plate and are always available especially for us with our weird schedules as you were available at night. Dee is awesome I do not know where you found her. We love her!   

-Christina & Dave B.

“I just wanted to say Thank you again to both of you for all of your hard work and patience. Sometimes I just sit in the house and smile. I know a little weird but it feels good to be in a house. Thank you so much!!!!!! I hope business is going well for both of you.”

- Renee R.

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